Sponsor Spotlight: Hamilton Economic Development



Hamilton, with a population of over 500,000, is one of Canada’s major cities and one of Ontario’s most economically diverse. Sectors of focus range across advanced manufacturing, agriculture/food processing, creative industries, clean-technology, Hamilton innovation, life sciences and transportation/goods movement.

Hamilton Economic Development is a true champion of industry, working alongside local business in expansion, development, relocation and redevelopment.

A quick message from Carolynn Reid and Jacqueline Norton:

Hamilton is undergoing a remarkable transition, as the local economy expands on the existing traditional manufacturing base to a more knowledge-based and creative economy.  The City is no stranger to creative industries as an economic catalyst and place-builder, with a history of leading-edge involvement in industrial and manufacturing innovation, performing arts, music, visual arts, television and radio  and, more recently, animation and gaming. 

In the new economy, it is small and medium-sized businesses that are emerging as the engine of job growth and prosperity.  The key to the growth and expansion of these industries is fostering and supporting entrepreneurial capacity, or providing an environment that allows all citizens to pursue and apply their creativity in the pursuit of new opportunities.  This is the new Hamilton and we are proud to be supporting such initiatives as Hamilton’s inaugural WordCamp event. 

Congratulations to the organizing team and the grass roots spirit of entrepreneurism that is alive and well in Hamilton!

A huge thank you to the team at Hamilton Economic Development – one of the first local organizations to support WordCamp Hamilton in its inaugural year!

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